Spain in the world
With big growth projections,
is the 5th largest economy
in the European Union and
13h in the world
has 46 million
consumers market, and a potential market of over 500 million people throughout the access to the European Union
1st in the European Union,
making it a full tourism focuses european country
2nd Country
worldwide with
more income from tourism
Export Business
Main business partner of the European Union
with 62.3% of export market
Transport connections
Spain occupies the 3rd place in the world, after
the UK and Germany, managing
160.385.889 passengers.
250 national and international airlines
with regular flights to 47 airports
Maritime connection
Spain own 46 ports to
the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
Railroad Network
The 1st in Europe Union,
with the highest speed trains network.
Road Networks
Spain has the 1st largest road network in the European Union with 14,701 kilometers


These are just 4 of many reasons why Spain is a successful investment option.


With a population around 65 million people, Madrid is the largest city in Spain and the third in the European Union. Due to its economic output, high standard of living, and market size, Madrid is considered the strongest financial center of Southern Europe and is considered one of the world's major cities.

Financial center


The second largest city in Spain and the third most visited city in Europe, with a 16 million people population and lots of tourists per year. Barcelona is known for its industrial design, great culture and for being one of the most important fashion centers in the world.



With over 800.000 inhabitants it ranks as the 3rd largest city in Spain. In the mid 90s, Valencia became an important industrial center and its fast development has expanded its cultural and touristic possibilities, transforming it into a modern city that combines tradition with innovation to attract visitors.



Located in the Southern Spain, specifically in the region of Andalusia, it's formed by the coastal provinces of Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Marbella, Estepona, among others.

Public transportation improvement